Workshop Services

Service Packages

Basic     £40
Our first level of service to give your bike a 'once over'
We ensure the bike is safe and sound to ride, with brakes and gears set up, bolts checked and the headset and bottom bracket installed correctly. Any areas of the bike that require additional servicing are also identified.

Standard     £70
Our most popular service
Going further than the basic service, we give your bike some extra TLC. Your whole drivetrain is removed from bike, cleaned and refitted (or replaced if required). We also spend more time checking and truing your wheels.

Full Monty     £120
As close to a new bike as it is possible to get without actually buying a new bike!
All parts are removed and cleaned. Your frame is then also cleaned to remove mud and grime, and inspected for damage. The headset and BB are removed, greased and refitted, with bearings replaced as required. Hubs are also stripped down, re-greased and bearings replaced.

Please note: there may be additional labour charges for work that is outside the scope of each service level. We also reserve the right to levy extra charges if your bike requires cleaning and/or parts are stuck or seized. All prices exclude the cost of new parts. The fitting of any new parts will always be agreed before the work is carried out.

Single Jobs
(prices from)

Wheels (per wheel)                                 

Puncture Repair   £5 plus cost of tube                    
Tubeless Conversion   £20
Wheel True   £10
     + spoke replacement (front) +£5
     + spoke replacement (rear) +£10
Front Hub Service   £15
Rear Hub Service   £20
Wheel Build   £30 / £50 pair

Replace Bottom Bracket   £20                                                            
Headset service / replacement   £25
Replace frame bearings (per bearing)   £10
Facing headtube / BB / disc mount   £20

Forks and Shocks
Fit new forks   £35                                                    
Suspension fork lower leg service   £45
Suspension fork full service   £ price on request
Rear Shock Service   £ price on request

Brakes (per brake)
Brake check n tune   £10                                       
Fit new brake pads   £8
Fit new cable brake   £15
Fit new hydraulic brake   £15
Hydraulic brake bleed   £15
Hydraulic brake servicing   £35

Gear check n tune   £12                                                               
Fit new gear cable     (external routing)   £8
                                      (internal routing)   £12
Fit new front / rear mech   £15
Fit new chain   £8
Fit new cassette   £12

Fit mudguards (per wheel)   £10                                        
Fir rack / computer   £12
Fit bar tape   £15
Build bike from box   £60
Build bike from parts   £110